In this house

Releasing an album during lockdown

On Friday March 27th, we released our second album, titled ‘In This House’. The record was supposed to be available on streaming services and in record stores from that day. As for the digital side of our release: if you have an internet connection, you will be able to listen to the record online. See below for links to your preferred streaming service. With regard to the physical release: both vinyl and cd are ready for shipment, but it looks like shipment isn’t entirely ready for us. With many countries in lockdown, closed record stores and uncertainty about what will happen to mail and parcel infrastructure the next weeks, it might be difficult to get your copy of the album through your record store, even if you’ve already ordered it. This is the situation for now:


We’ll ship orders that have been and will be placed through our Bandcamp immediately, as long as the country of destination isn’t in lockdown. Let us know if you prefer to wait with shipment until the situation in your country is back to normal. North-American vinyl listeners: please buy your copy through 12XU.

Stores in the Netherlands

For now, it looks like distribution to record stores in the Netherlands is working as usual. This means the album should be available in your local record store as of today.

Stores in the rest of the world

Distribution of the physical record has been postponed to April 22nd, for now. The future will tell us whether this date makes any sense at all.

NOTE: Please don’t buy the album through online stores like *m*z*n, but support your local record store by ordering or pre-ordering the album there. Send us a photo or a screenshot of your receipt, and we’ll send you the digital version of the album, so you can listen to it while waiting for your physical copy.


‘In This House’ on Bandcamp
‘In This House’ on Spotify
‘In This House’ on Deezer
List of record stores in the Netherlands and Belgium
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Rescheduled tour dates:

• 11/09, Rotown, Rotterdam (NL)
• 13/09, Crofters Rights, Bristol (UK)
• 15/09, The Hug & Pint, Glasgow (UK)
• 16/09, Bobik’s, Newcastle (UK)
• 17/09, Hyde Park Book Club, Leeds (UK)
• 18/09, The Smokehouse, Ipswich (UK)
• 20/09, The Latest Music Bar, Brighton (UK)
• 21/09, Moth Club, London (UK)
• 24/09, OCCII, Amsterdam (NL)
• 25/09, Ekko, Utrecht (NL)

More dates & information will follow soon.